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Everyone in Lithuania knows Vytautas Kernagis - heard him singing, saw on the stage, or hosting TV shows. The public constantly saw Kernagis and thought they know and understand him. But Kernagis was convinced that the artist must always remain somewhat mysterious. However, still living in the Soviet Union he was among the first ones to buy a personal video camera in the mid-1980s and has documented his life on a VHS camera for more than ten years. It’s an intimate portrait of a well-known artist but at the same time, the film is also a portrait of a change that Kernagis had lived through. Born in 1951 in USSR ruled by Stalin, in his teen years he heard then the illegal recording of The Beatles and started his singing career in the streets of Vilnius. During Gorbachev’s perestroika, Kernagis could travel to the USA to perform and taste the western lifestyle and bananas for the first time in life. In 1991 he was performing to thousands in the singing revolution rallies for Lithuanian independence. In the new millennium, Kernagis was the first host of Expedition Robinson, a reality game TV show. However spending most of his life in the spotlight of the stage or television, Kernagis remained a lone wolf when the lights went out.